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What are the Advantages of Converting my Basement?

The advantages of converting your basement are wide-ranging and multi-faceted. In many homes, the basement is often the most under-used room in your home. At Ed's Repair & Renovate, we do our utmost to change this perception daily. Using our skilled team of designers, decorators and remodeling special-ists, we can convert your basement into a far more interesting and useful space that can enhance the look and feel of your home. Two of the most popular basement conversion jobs include:

Basement Gym

Converting your basement into a built-in gym is a great way of combining the benefits of regular exercise with the convenience of being in your own home, this is especially true during the winter. So, if you want to work out before school or going to the office while not having to share the treadmill with people you don’t know, then this could be a great option for you.

A Built-In Cinema

As well as being the perfect size for a tv or small-sized screen, the basement is generally the warmest room in your house. This makes it the perfect destination to toast away the blues on cold winter nights. A remodeled or renovated heated basement from Ed's Repair & Renovate builds on the warm and cozy characteristics of your basement to create a truly memorable cinematic setting.

Why Should I Invest in a Laminate Countertop?

Often overlooked in favor of slate or granite options, the laminate countertop can provide your home with a wide range of visual and practical benefits that add immediate value to your home. As well as being esthetically pleasing, durable and long-lasting ,laminate countertops are also very budget-friendly compared to other types of material, while their low maintenance means that they are the perfect choice for a homeowner who doesn’t have the time to spend cleaning their countertops diligently.

Can Cabinets Work in Small Kitchen Spaces?

At Ed's Repair & Renovate, we pride ourselves on being able to design and create custom-made cabinets that will meet your kitchen’s needs, irrespective of their size. And while we know that no homeowner would turn down a bigger kitchen, the fact of the matter is that our skilled team of specialists can enhance even the most compact of kitchens with well-made cabinets that will give your kitchen a whole new lease of life.