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Whether you are looking to completely remodel your bathroom or just want to make some minor home improvements to your bedroom, the fact of the matter is that you need to ensure that you invest in a professional remodeling service that goes that extra mile for you. While there is a lot to be said for DIY enthusiasts, the simple reality is that remodeling and home improvements are tasks that need to be left to the professionals. For the vast majority of people, their home is easily their most important and expensive asset. It stands to reason then, that you shouldn’t take any shortcuts that may potentially impact on the structural integrity or visual characteristics of this valuable asset. So, if you want to ensure that your home looks its best for the longest time possible, then you need to contact Ed's Repair & Renovate today.

Blending his years of experience with the most innovative home remodeling techniques, Ed's Repair & Renovate offers a complete and thorough residential remodeling service that will leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of home improvement perfection. With a winning reputation for delivering real and lasting results for all our residential clients, we will stop at nothing to guarantee the optimal service for you and your family.

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Top Home Improvement Trends

When it comes to upgrading your home some home renovation teams pretend that a fresh coat of paint or some new furniture is the most that you can hope for. However, at Ed's Repair & Renovate we like to think big and that is why when you invest in us, you can rest assured that nothing will be off-limits. Ed's Repair and Renovate is capable of adding immediate value to your home in a wide and varied variety of ways. Three of the most popular home improvement services that we offer include.

  • Bathroom Renovations
  • Deck Repair and Refinishing
  • Stay at home Aging in Place modifications

Bathroom Renovations

Your bathrooms are among the most functional rooms in your home. It can be one of the most inspiring enviroments in your home when done right. Ed's Repair and Renovate can replace your tub or shower with either a well built and well appointed tile shower area or an acrylic tub/shower module. Both will make the showering experience a great way to start your day. And we don't stop there. Sink and vanity and mirror updates make grooming even more rewarding. And don't forget hoiw proper exhaust fans and proper heat will make this room even more healthy and comfortable. On a small budget? Let's get started with your highest priority first.

Deck Repair and Refinishing

Your deck is an extension of your home living space and can be a great place for peaceful relaxation or activities with family and friends. Let's make it a special place with comfort and safety in mind. Most important is bringing railings and stairs up to current safety codes. Ed's Repair and Renovate can make your deck safe for small children to our older relatives by updating railings and strengthening stairs and adding stair railings. Has your deck acquired raised corners or sunken areas over the years? Deck Leveling could be your answer. Finally, if your deck is showing its age by failing stains or waterproofing, Ed's Repair and Renovate is capable of replacing deteriorating deck boards and refinishing your existing deck and railings.

Stay at Home, Aging in Place Modifications

Many of our friends have entered retirement over the last few years and hope to live in their homes in their neighborhoods for quite a while. To make this possibility a reality, lets look at important safety changes you will want to make. Move your laundry area to the main floor of your home. Add grab bars at bathroom areas to add stability to your movements. Possibly replace bath tubs with barrier- free showers. Replace door knobs with lever handles. The list goes on. these changes extend to your garage, patio and deck.

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